Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Eyes Over Puget Sound: La Niña is here!

With La Niña present we are seeing wetter and warmer conditions. Heavy rains in October swelled Puget Sound rivers and streams to above normal levels. As a result, water temperatures, salinities and oxygen in Puget Sound are returning to normal.

EOPS report cover and text for Nov. 22, 2016 report
Click here to read the November report.

While surface water in Puget Sound has cooled, it is still warmer than in the Straits.

I can see clearly now

We continue to see large groups of jellyfish in finger Inlets of South Sound and slowly fading red-brown blooms in Eld and Budd Inlets. A lot of suspended sediment was observed east of Steamboat Island and south of Squaxin Island. Otherwise, we have clear water.

What is Eyes Over Puget Sound?

Eyes Over Puget Sound combines high-resolution photo observations with data from our monthly monitoring stations, from our regional partners and from instruments we have on ferries. We use a seaplane to travel between many of our monitoring stations because they are so far apart.

Once a month, we take photos of Puget Sound water conditions and turn those out, along with data from our stations, in the monthly Eyes Over Puget Sound report.

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