Friday, May 5, 2017

We want your input on our 2017-2019 grant agreement with EPA

Every two years we develop a new partnership document with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This document serves as our grant agreement for the funding we receive from EPA, and outlines the work we plan to do with that money. 

This agreement shapes our work
This year we have requested $11 million from EPA to fund our efforts to improve water quality, air quality, hazardous waste management, and beyond. If we don't receive all of our expected funding, we will adjust the agreement to reflect the work we can still do.

Once the plan is drafted, it goes out for public comment. Now we want your feedback:

This agreement, called the Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement, documents commitments between Ecology and EPA Region 10. It does not restrict either EPA’s or our legal oversight or enforcement authority.

What’s in the partnership agreement?

The agreement explains many decisions made by Ecology and EPA on how we plan to spend our allocated funding between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2019. Most of this funding pays for staff time so we can provide technical assistance, community outreach, and regulatory guidance to Washington communities. It also goes to watershed planning, scientific research, and broadening our understanding of toxics in the environment. Over a quarter of these funds pass directly through Ecology to support local clean air agencies across the state.

Funds from EPA allow our staff to protect
Washington from environmental hazards.
The plan outlines results, activities, and performance measures expected. In other words, the document says what we plan to do, what should be completed, and how we will track our success.

Before both parties sign the agreement, we send it out for a 30-day formal public comment period. This gives you an opportunity to review the work plan and make sure we didn’t miss anything vital before we approve the agreement. All comments received during this period, and responses, will be captured in an appendix at the end of the final report.

Send us your comments

We invite you to submit public comments on the draft Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement until midnight on Wednesday, May 31. Review the draft agreement on our website. Send your feedback via email to Eli Levitt.

Photo credit: Snyder

By: Jessie Payne, communications manager


Rabbits' Guy said...

Can you tell me what that upper picture is? I see people cleaning a storm drain? Is it a private storm drain? I ask because I work with a citizen's group educating about stormwater and we sometimes think we should help businesses learn how to clean their private storm drains since they often have no idea about that.

WA Department of Ecology said...

Hi Rabbits' Guy,

The top photo is an image of Ecology staff inspecting a storm drain. They are likely doing a site visit for a business that manages hazardous waste and testing the quality of the water in the drain. This ensures waste is being managed properly instead of getting into the environment.

However, we do have some resources for you! Ecology helps coordinate a collaborative stormwater monitoring program in western Washington between municipal stormwater permittees, state and federal agencies.

Specific to your effort to educate business owners:

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations

General stormwater management resources:

Resources for Stormwater Management Program Elements

These are geared towards municipal stormwater sewer systems, but the tips on best management can be adapted for private business owners and homeowners alike.

Heads up! We will launch a completely revamped agency website July 1 - which will break all links below the main page. It may be best to save copies of the information you need or want to distribute as opposed to sharing links. Or, you can give people the name of the info and they can use the search feature from our homepage.

Thank you!
- Jessie Payne, communications manager