Thursday, May 14, 2015

Around the Sound: Remaking Everett's waterfront

By Seth Preston, communications manager, Toxics Cleanup Program
Everett Shipyard then (2006) ...

We're hard at work in Everett, remaking the city's industrial waterfront along with a variety of partners.

We've identified 11 cleanup sites along Everett's Port Gardner Bay under the Puget Sound Initiative. Some of these cleanup sites are owned by and being cleaned up by the Port of Everett with our oversight and financial and technical assistance.

One of those projects focuses on the Everett Shipyard site.

A cleanup example

The site operated as a boat building, maintenance and repair facility. The shipyard conducted marine vessel repairs that included tank evacuations, equipment disassembly, sandblasting, woodwork and metalwork, painting/coating, and mechanical repairs.

... and now (2015).
Like the other Port Gardner Bay sites, industrial activities at Everett Shipyard spread contamination on to land and into the water for decades. 

The port has worked for several years to clean up the site's land and in-water portions to prepare for redevelopment. It's a key part of the port's Waterfront Place Central plans.

The photos show how the site has changed. And it's one more reminder of how cleaning up our environment not only improves and protects our land and water, it protects the health of local residents and provides opportunities for economic growth.

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