Thursday, January 7, 2010

Around the Sound: Look here for latest on Puget Sound

By Seth Preston, Communications Manager, Toxics Cleanup Program

Welcome to the first posting for “Around the Sound,” a collection of news and information about efforts by Ecology and others to restore and protect Puget Sound.

I’ll post “Around the Sound” entries frequently, so I encourage you to check back often and offer comments and ideas. My intent is to give you a healthy sampling of the many things Ecology is doing regarding the Sound, as well as relevant news articles and information from other sources.

So let’s get started with some basics. First, here’s a link to Ecology’s web page on Puget Sound. Working to cleanup and preserve the Sound – one of America’s premier waterways – is a top priority for our agency. Learn more about our work.

You also can find an explanation of and specific site information for our Puget Sound Initiative, which focuses on cleanup of key sites around the Sound.

Of course, Ecology isn’t alone in the effort to save the Sound. One of the key players is the Puget Sound Partnership.

Another key player is the environmental group People For Puget Sound.

That’s enough for now. Check Friday for news on something big happening next week.

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