Friday, January 8, 2010

Around the Sound: Experts focus on Bainbridge site

By Seth Preston, Communications Manager, Toxics Cleanup Program

Next week, the Toxics Cleanup Program is bringing in a group of experts from throughout the nation to Bainbridge Island.

The purpose? To look at alternatives for handling the long-term challenges posed by the Wyckoff Eagle Harbor cleanup site. The former wood-processing site, on the edge of Puget Sound, is contaminated with large amounts of creosote compounds produced by historic wood-treating operations.

The photos show the site as it appears now, and what it looked like in the past.
The experts will meet Tuesday through Thursday (Jan. 12-14) at IslandWood to discuss the site. Here’s background on the Wyckoff site and our efforts around it. Plus, here’s a news release on next week’s workshops featuring the experts.

This is the first time the Toxics Cleanup Program has done something like this. We hope that the effort will be successful for the Wyckoff site, plus provide us with valuable information that we can use for other sites now and in the future.

Another first: I’m going to try blogging live from the workshops. So expect to see some reports beginning Tuesday, Jan. 12.

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