Monday, March 30, 2015

Earth Day 2015: Earth … pass it on

By Seth Preston, Ecology communications team

In honor of this year’s Earth Day on April 22, Ecology continues with the same “Earth … pass it on” theme we featured last year.

The concept is simple – everyone can do something, even a simple thing, to help pass on our one, precious planet to future generations. Much of Ecology’s work is grounded in this concept.

This year, a number of us talked about what more we could do to broaden and extend our outreach efforts related to Earth Day.

Sunset at Ocean Shores, WA. Photo courtesy of Chris Barron.
Today, Ecology staff launches a month-long social media campaign to highlight some of the good work we do to improve and protect Washington’s environment, resources, and communities.

And we want you to join the fun! Here are the things we are doing and how you can take part:

Like, Follow, and Share - #earthpassiton

We’ll have at least three Earth Day related blog posts a week throughout the month of April, ranging from tips you can use to sharing stories of the work Ecology does to protect the earth.

Sign up to receive email notifications whenever a new blog is posted by entering your email address in the right-hand column of our blog. Like one of our blogs posts, use the buttons at the bottom of the post to share with your friends on your favorite social media channel.

Watch for Earth Day related posts throughout April. We’ll use Facebook to announce when we have new content on our blog or YouTube, and how you can participate in our photo sharing campaign on Instagram. Feel free to comment, like, and share our posts with your friends.

Are you on Twitter? Follow us and look for #earthpassiton and retweet our announcements related to Earth Day.

Check out our Instagram account for cool and interesting pictures and videos, and we’re very excited to announce an Earth Day photo sharing campaign. Please share your pics or video that show how you share the earth with those you love – your family, your friends or maybe your pets. Make sure to tag us @ecologywa and use the hashtag #earthpassiton.

View the album of artwork students at Wapato Middle School made from upcycled materials. They
thought about themselves, what they liked and how their actions might affect the natural environment. Using materials that might otherwise be thrown away, instead they found a Message in the Materials

Here's our 2015 Earth Day participation video, which asks the question "what's your bit?"
For 2015 Director Maia Bellon and her daughter Talia have a conversation about the how the steps we take now can make a big difference in the future. Check out last year’s Earth Day videos, linked from blog posts: Earth … pass it on: A laugh-out-loud video interview with our director  and Earth … pass it on: Ecology’s joint project with the creator of "The Twilight Zone."

So here we go! There’s much more to come!

Earth … pass it on!

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Earth day is our birthday!