Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth… pass it on: A laugh-out-loud video interview with our director

Kid reporter asks her tough and inspirational questions

I kid you not, this completely unscripted video interview with our director, Maia Bellon, will make you laugh out loud.

Maia spends time answering tough, thoughtful and inspirational questions, asked in only a way a kid could ask them, about what it’s like being the director of the agency and why Earth Day is so special.

Our cub reporter, Talia, asked, “Would this day be as beautiful as it is if Ecology wasn’t here?” and “As being the director and everything, what does the world mean to you?” (No spoilers here: We’ll let you watch for the video for the off-the-cuff answers.)

One of my favorite parts of the video is when Talia sings a ditty from the hit movie Frozen, but replaces the lyrics to sing about cleaning up Hanford.

You’ll finish the video feeling inspired. And you’ll walk away with a renewed sense of enthusiasm about the next generation.

Oh, and make sure you watch it the whole way through for the surprise ending. It’s too cute to miss. To steal an expression from Talia, the interview is “awesome!”

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