Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A personal and professional tribute to Billy Frank, Jr.

By Maia Bellon, Director, Department of Ecology

The people of Washington State have lost a great friend. Billy Frank, Jr. was one of a kind. He touched many lives and was a personal and professional inspiration to me.
Picture of Billy Frank, Jr.
Billy Frank, Jr.

Billy's passing is a great loss to the environmental and conservation community. He was a spokes person for natural resources, a statesman for tribal governments and served as a constant reminder about our duty to future generations.

He loved life, he loved people and he loved the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest that nurtured his people from time immemorial. He spoke with passion, understanding, and forgivingness. I am forever grateful for his unconditional devotion to doing the right thing.

Billy will be sorely missed. My heart goes out to Billy's family and friends.They say that when you lose someone you love you gain an angel. Billy will always be in our hearts and his spirit will guide and comfort us as we work together to build on his incredible legacy.

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