Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Around the Sound: New Olympic Discovery Trail section opened at Rayonier Mill cleanup site

By Marian Abbett, Site Manager, Toxics Cleanup Program

The City of Port Angeles (city), in cooperation with Rayonier, has opened a new section of trail across the Rayonier Mill cleanup site in Port Angeles. The new section of the Olympic Discovery Trail (trail) will be easier and safer for trail users, since it removes about 3,100 feet of detoured former trail with sharp bends.

How and why did the city build the new trail section?

The city built this new section of trail as part of their combined sewer overflow (CSO) project. About one mile of CSO project pipeline crosses the former mill property. To install the new pipeline, the city:
  • Dug trenches for the pipeline, including removing contaminated soil.
  • Placed pipes in the trenches and covered them with clean fill material.
  • Covered the filled trenches with asphalt. This asphalt surface has become the new section of trail.
  • Removed an old bridge across Ennis Creek and built a new 100-foot bridge that carries the CSO project pipes. The new bridge is also part of the new section of trail.

How does being on a cleanup site affect the trail?

Ecology, the city, and Rayonier have worked together to protect public health while allowing access to the new trail. 

Trail users must stay on the paved trail and out of areas posted “No Trespassing” or “Private Property”. 

Pollutants that remain in soils outside the fenced trail include arsenic, lead, PCBs, dioxins, and PAHs. The grassy mounds on the property contain potentially contaminated soil. You can read more about upland contamination in this fact sheet and on our website.

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