Thursday, June 20, 2013

“Eyes Over Puget Sound” for June 17

By Sandy Howard, communication manager, Environmental Assessment Program

Is Puget Sound on fire?

Check out the June 17 “EyesOver Puget Sound.” Our cover photo shows Elliott Bay with one of several stunning views we captured from up high of another harmless Noctiluca plankton bloom.

The bloom is dramatic in some cases almost resembling fire in the water. This is our second large Noctiluca bloom this year and it extend on this day from Everett to Tacoma. We also saw red-brown blooms in Port Townsend, Discovery Bay and Bellingham Bay.

There were large algal mats or organic material in many places. Jellyfish patches are increasing in Budd, Totten, and Eld Inlets. “Eyes Over Puget Sound” combines high-resolution photo observations with satellite images, en route ferry data between Seattle and Victoria BC, and measurements from our moored instruments.

Learn more about Ecology's marine water quality monitoring program and see more Eyes Over Puget Sound reports.

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