Thursday, January 17, 2013

Parting Thoughts - Achieving Clean Water, Healthy Fish and a Strong Economy

by Ted Sturdevant, former Ecology director

In my final "Conversations on Washington's Future" message as Ecology's Director, I describe how the amount of Washington-caught fish that people eat affects Ecology's efforts to protect water quality, why more protective measures are needed, and why the issue has stirred so much debate.

While we have made considerable progress in reducing toxic contamination in water and sediments over the years, we need to consider whether or not we are getting to the root of our state's most pressing water pollution problems, and, if not, what actions might cost less and do more.

Our state can point to some remarkable success stories where Ecology, businesses and environmentalists came together to solve similarly complex problems.  I am confident that, by working together, we can attain water that is clean enough for the way it is used, through approaches that are doable both in terms of costs and compliance.

To read my message in full, visit: Clean Water, Healthy Fish and a Sound Economy.

Note: Former Ecology Director Ted Sturdevant is now serving as the Executive Director of Legislative Affairs and Policy for the Office of the Governor.

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