Friday, May 11, 2012

Fix that Leak! - Youth drive home clean water point

by Justine Asohmbom, Shorelines & Stormwater Education Manager for Puget Sound, Northwest Regional Office

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There is nothing more captivating than when young people help inspire and educate their peers. The possibilities are as endless as their imaginations. Students from Ballard, West Seattle and Roosevelt high schools, with their youthful zeal and passion, are engaging and educating their peers on the importance of checking for and fixing vehicle oil leaks and protecting Puget Sound.

“We are trying to stop pollution and raise awareness for the younger generation and not just for the older generation because oil leaking from cars ends up in Puget Sound, it pollutes everything, and it all comes back to us. We are not hurting just the environment, we are hurting ourselves,” said Macauley Cameron and Kelsey Mendenhall, both Juniors at Ballard High school.

These students are members of the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA Washington), and they are working in collaboration with the Department of Ecology, Seattle Public Utilities and KUBE 93 FM radio. DECA is the club for high school students interested in marketing.

“The youth are change agents in our society. That is why we are focusing on them. They are first time drivers. They are learning new habits, so we want to start them off on the right foot,” said Michael May, Public Relations Specialist, with Seattle Public Utilities.

The teens used social marketing principles to produce radio commercials, videos, iPhone games, brochures and posters with messages to encourage their peers to check for and fix vehicle leaks and fluids.

Susan Trunk, Account Executive with KUBE 93, who was one of the judges of the student campaign materials, said: “I was very impressed by the caliber of work that the high school students were able to present to us. It was very creative and they are the best people to get messages out to their peers, so what they created was very spectacular.”

Students sneak a peek at KUBE 93 FM Radio

The students with the winning submissions visited KUBE 93 FM radio station for a learning experience and to contribute to the official eight-week on-air, online and onsite auto leaks campaign. Catalina Solberg, Account Executive with KUBE 93, gave the students a sneak peek behind the scenes at the station.

The students were impressed by how much work gets into each radio production.

Young voices for clean Puget Sound

Listen to the radio commercial by one of the groups of students.

Wael Abou-Zaki, KUBE 93 and KISS FM Creative Director, worked with the winning team to produce their final radio commercial. He said, “Tailoring and putting together a commercial and getting it on radio is genius; there is no other way to capture kids attention than putting them on the radio where everybody can hear them.”

Check out the partners’ YouTube site and watch the contest-winning Fix That Leak video by one of the groups of students.

Gearing up for action

These students will bring the inspiration and magic of the campaign to life for other young people in their schools and communities at a youth-driven auto leaks education kickoff event scheduled for May 16, 2012 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Ballard High School. KUBE will be onsite with their sound system. The host, DJ Eddie Francis, will conduct a live on-air call-in at the event. Students will answer auto leaks questions, and listeners will vie for a chance to win Summer Jam tickets and other fun prizes.

Will you say “yes!” to our youth?

Start by checking your own car for oil leaks. Get started today at

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