Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let's Talk Science! A new column focused on science at Ecology

By Brook Beeler, Environmental Educator, Office of Communication and Education

Photo source: EPA: Role of Science at EPAScience is cool! We think it’s important to have an understanding of the big concepts in life, Earth, and physical science. It’s important not only because our work is based on these concepts, but also because our environment’s behavior is based on basic scientific principles.

It’s not just our scientists who need a good understanding of these principles, but our policy decision makers, permit writers, education and communication staff and even you! Why you? Well, key ideas in science provide the foundation for understanding our universe or, closer to home, our environment. Everything we do in our everyday life, such as taking care of our health and being responsible citizens, relates to sound scientific principles.

We will talk about chemical reactions, atoms and molecules, energy in earth systems, water, weather, habitats, changes in ecosystems, and the list goes on! And for the true science geeks in our midst, we will point out how each simple scientific principle is intrinsic to the work we do every day.

Check back regularly to read and learn about science matters. Then, keep coming back. Next time you are standing around the water cooler, you can be the smarty pants with a great scientific explanation to answer your friends’ and co-workers’ curiosities.

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