Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Conversations on Washington's Future: Do we need state environmental regulations?

By Ted Sturdevant, Ecology Director

This week, my Conversations on Washington's Future message describes how environmental standards support jobs and economic vitality — and what is at stake should those protections be weakened or eliminated.

Sometimes we need to step back and remind ourselves of the basics — how clean water, clean air and clean soil benefit our lives and our state as a whole.

The quality of our air, water and soil was made better by many people, working over several decades, to reduce, prevent and eliminate pollution. The environment they worked to protect has provided an economic benefit to our state as well — natural resources support nearly one-third of our state's economy through agriculture, tourism and recreation, forestry and waterborne trade.

Literally and figuratively, our state would be poorer without environmental protections. A growing number of people are recognizing this. They are working toward solutions that bring all interests to the table, solutions that support the environment and the economy and communities.

When we use that approach, the entire state wins.

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