Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Around the Sound: Ecology reviewing a draft report on the Rayonier Mill upland

By Marian Abbett, Site Manager, Toxics Cleanup Program

On November 15th, on schedule, I received Rayonier’s draft Upland Data Summary Report. This report pulls together all the contamination data we have for contamination on the Rayonier Mill property.

Why is this report important?

We call this report “Volume One” for short. It is the first of four volumes that will make up the cleanup plan for a large piece of the Rayonier Mill site, called the Study Area. The soil and groundwater data will help Rayonier pick cleanup methods that protect human health and the environment.

Rayonier collected soil, groundwater, and surface water samples this past year to fill data gaps from previous studies. Volume One pulls together the new data with the old data.

When can the public see the report?

The draft I have is an “agency review draft.” We will work with Rayonier to ensure they have a “public review draft” early next spring. We will post that public review draft online and make it available at the Port Angeles Public Library and Peninsula College Library.

Will there be a public comment period on Volume One?

No, we will not hold a public comment period until 2013, when we have the marine data report (Volume Two) and Rayonier’s analysis of cleanup options (Volume Three). This will be a good chance to provide comments on Rayonier’s ideas for cleanup before it writes the cleanup plan, called an Interim Action Plan.

You will also have a chance to comment on the draft cleanup plan before Rayonier begins work.

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