Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Around the Sound: Comments sought on cleanup work in Bellingham, Everett

By Seth Preston, Communications Manager, Toxics Cleanup Program

We’re currently asking the Bellingham community to look over and comment on plans for some upcoming cleanup work at two major sites.

One is the Cornwall Avenue Landfill site, an old municipal waste repository literally on the shore of Bellingham Bay. In fact, part of the shore is the landfill. The Cornwall site is just one of a dozen cleanup sites on Bellingham Bay that Ecology is working with local partners to clean up.

Here’s a news release with some details about the proposed Cornwall work, which would happen in a few months if everything goes as planned. It includes information about a public meeting that Ecology and the Port of Bellingham will hold on Wednesday evening, June 8.

We’re also asking the Bellingham community to comment on a plan to do some significant cleanup work at the former Eldridge Municipal Landfill site. The City of Bellingham will lead that work, which also will be done in the next few months.

Ecology looks at Bellingham Bay as a great example of how public entities can work together to clean up and protect Puget Sound’s waters. Cleanup projects can take a long time and carry expensive price tags, but they also produce huge benefits for the environment, the Sound’s health and local communities.

Everett cleanup

Like at Bellingham Bay, we’re working on several cleanup sites at Everett’s Port Gardner Bay under the Puget Sound Initiative. We’re currently accepting comments on a cleanup report for the Bay Wood Products site on Port Gardner.

The Port of Everett prepared the report, which will help guide cleanup efforts at the site.

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