Thursday, March 17, 2011

Around the Sound: Phase Four of Upland Investigation at the Rayonier Mill site

By Hannah Aoyagi, Public Involvement Coordinator

In early March, Rayonier started its fourth phase of investigation work on the former mill property. This phase involves drilling more groundwater sampling wells. “Infill wells” are going into areas of the property where we need more information, and to complete the groundwater monitoring network.

Phase four is actually the last phase of the upland investigation, assuming the new data do not suggest we need more sampling. Phase five is ongoing monitoring. Rayonier has been taking samples from its groundwater wells every three months. It will use this information to develop a long-term monitoring plan.

Once the phase four data are back from the lab, Rayonier can write its Upland Data Summary Technical Memo. This memo will summarize the findings from all four phases of sampling. Once we have done our review, we will make it available to the public.

Keep checking back for more information on the Rayonier cleanup...

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