Thursday, December 9, 2010

12 Ways to Spread Green Holiday Cheer

By Brook Beeler, Community Outreach and Environmental Educator

One of my all time favorite holiday songs comes from an album titled John Denver and the Muppets; A Christmas Together. That’s right I love the Muppets. Miss Piggy lays down an excellent version of “Christmas is Coming”.
You know the one where the goose is getting fat?

You should put a penny in the old man’s hat?


Well, my point is that this little ditty, which always brings a smile to my face, is all about sharing. Here at Ecology we are full of advice for greening your life and in the spirit of the season we thought we would give you 12 ways to spread green holiday cheer. We’ve got ways for you to keep kids and pets safe, your home clean and toxic free, and ways to avoid all that holiday waste!

But that’s not all. We want to hear from you too! How have you greened your holiday? Share your decorating, entertaining, and gift giving ideas that keep your holiday season green.

Here are a few of ours to get you started:

  1. Remember to take re-usable shopping bags on your gift finding excursions, they’re not just for grocery stores.
  2. Keep your pets safe from holiday hazards.
  3. Have a natural, germ free holiday: Use real soap, give real soap.
  4. Give non-toxic art supplies to the little artist on your list.
  5. Save a ton on holiday wrapping. Try the art of re-usable cloths. Alternatively, use baskets, bags or recyclable wrapping paper.
  6. When guests are gone & it’s time to clean. Use safer, thriftier cleaners.
  7. If you unwrapped a new 3D-TV? E-cycle the old one, it’s free!
  8. The kids are home on winter break and old cleaners might be lingering? Keep curious kids safe. Washington Poison Control.
  9. Keep your home smelling sweet with lots of naturals to choose from.
  10. Consider donating food you don't use for the big dinner or party.
  11. Are you dressing up for the holidays? Choose cosmetics and personal care products that are free of chemicals.
  12. After the holidays don’t forget to recycle or reuse paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum and compost scraps from holiday meals
I am sure we’ve missed something. Please share your green holiday tips. Just click on the comment link below, or post your tips and ideas to our Facebook page. Make sure and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more green holiday cheer.

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Molly Dove said...

Thanks, Brooke. Here are few ideas

I've been saving ream wrappers at the office copy machine to wrap with.

I have made a budget and am sticking to it. Spending less results in less consumption, less waste, less energy, and way less stress.

I am giving home made items--either that I made or what someone else made with their own hands. Fair trade and supporting local crafters.

Reduce and reuse! I am not buying any more holiday decorations. Either I have them or I don't need them.

Moderation. Not a term we connect with the excesses, retail and gastronomic, that we associate with holidays. But moderation means less excess, less energy and less waste. And helps us feel better!

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