Friday, February 19, 2010

Around the Sound: What's in a name? Plus other news ...

By Seth Preston, Communications Manager, Toxics Cleanup Program

Knute Berger at Crosscut offers an update on a retired professor’s efforts to promote “Salish Sea” as the name for the greater Puget Sound-Georgia Basin ecosystem in Washington and British Columbia.nor
  • The Kitsap Sun details the work going on to improve the waters of Dyes Inlet and its associated waterways. In this blog entry by Chris Dunagan, you can find a link to a more-detailed article Chris wrote on the issue.
  • Let's head back to Crosscut for a look at the aftermath of the Asarco bankruptcy proceedings, in which Washington received about $188 million from the mining giant. Emissions from Asarco's past operations polluted more than 1,000 square miles around Puget Sound. Check out this news release from Ecology and the Washington Attorney General's Office for settlement details. The Crosscut piece also details the claims pursued by the federal government and several other states.
  • And Ecology's team is getting ready to return to Bainbridge Island to talk more about cleanup work at the Wyckoff Eagle Harbor site. See our Wyckoff website for details on a community meeting in March, plus answers to some questions asked at the previous meeting in January.

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