Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Ecology removes dozens of Stevens County stoves from use

Dozens of Colville River Valley residents gave up their old, smoky wood stoves over the weekend in exchange for $200 vouchers.

The Washington State Legislature allotted $2.5 million over the next two years for the Department of Ecology's buy-back program, which collects inefficient stoves for recycling a few times a year throughout the state.

The Oct. 6 event, held at the Stevens County Landfill near Kettle Falls, passed along about $13,400 to residents who delivered dilapidated stoves. Residents were limited to two vouchers per household, and eligible exchanges had to be in working order and free of fire brick, ash and debris.

Wood smoke remains one of Washington's main sources of air pollution. In winter, wood stoves, fireplaces, and other wood burning devices for home heating account for more than half of fine particle pollution statewide.

Newer technology has greatly improved and exceeded older wood stoves in efficiency and smoke reduction. The fewer antiquated wood stoves in use, the less air pollution we have. Chalk one up for fresher air.

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