Friday, August 5, 2016

Help us create a new Ecology website in 15 minutes or less!

Big improvements are coming to the Ecology website, and we want you to be a part of them.

The work Ecology does is diverse and complex. Unfortunately, that often means that our website can be hard to navigate. We want to change that, and we’d like your help to make it happen.

We’ve started completely overhauling our website, and a big part of that process will be improving the way the site is organized. We want to make sure our site visitors can find what they need on our website. That’s where you come in.

Please help us by taking about 10 to 15 minutes to do an activity called a card sort.

What’s a card sort?

This study has closed. Our next web usability study will be in January when we'll be testing a draft layout (wireframe) of our new site!
It’s an online tool that reveals how people think about and organize topics. We want to know how our website users — the people of Washington — think about the topics that are covered on our site.

Here’s how it works:
  • You’ll be presented with about 45 "cards," each listing a different topic that is covered on Ecology’s website.
  • You’ll be asked to organize the cards into groups based on what you think should go together and to name each group. Think of it like organizing a grocery store: You decide what goes in each aisle and what the sign above it says.
  • There are no wrong answers! We just want to know what you think. And all responses are anonymous.
  • We’ll analyze everyone’s responses and use them to guide us as we set up the navigation for our new website.
  • The card sort is only available until the end of the day Thursday, August 11, so don't wait!
Thank you for your help! We’re planning to have a whole new website ready to launch by July of next year.

In the meantime, check out our updated homepage

As a step on the path to make our site easier to use, we’ve updated the homepage of our current site. We’ve made it simpler and changed the look significantly.

We know change can be a challenge, so we’re giving you a chance to preview the page next week before it replaces our current homepage. It will become our public homepage August 15.

>> Preview the new homepage

>> Do the card sort, now through August 11.

By the Ecology Web Team

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