Thursday, April 23, 2015

Around the Sound: Another Anacortes site cleaned up

By Seth Preston, communications manager, Toxics Cleanup Program

Our Puget Sound Initiative work in the Anacortes area has drawn a lot of attention from community members and local media.

Those projects generally involve large, complex, high-profile sites like the former Scott Paper mill site and the old Custom Plywood site.

Wyman's Marina structures before removal.
But through our work with the Port of Anacortes and other site owners, we're also helping to address issues at smaller contaminated properties.

Take, for example, the old Wyman's Marina and Wholesale Supply site. We're taking comments until May 19 on our proposal to declare the site to be cleaned up.

From taking care of boats ...

Prior to the late 1940s, the site and surrounding area were used for lumber milling and shipbuilding operations. The property was sold and was used for an 80-berth marina with fueling, dry dock, and maintenance and storage facilities. The marina provided boat maintenance and engineer repair services. 

In 1965, the port bought the property, then leased it to new operators who continued boat repair and fueling services.

The marina operated until 1998, when boat maintenance operations and all underground storage tanks associated with marine fueling were decommissioned and removed.

The past operations contaminated the site with petroleum-related substances, metals and pesticides.

... to helping salmon

The port has removed all structures in water and on land, plus more than 400 tons of contaminated soil.

Now the site has been converted into habitat for juvenile salmon. Nearly 18,000 square feet of intertidal habitat and 8,500 square feet of riparian/salt marsh habitat were created.

It's not as big as those old mill sites, but it's yet another step toward improving and preserving our environment ... and our Earth.

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