Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Earth … pass it on


Earth, it’s where we live, love, work and it’s our home. It’s our children’s home, and their children’s home. We think it’s worth passing on in good fashion.

And with that in mind, at Ecology we all have April 22 blocked out on our calendars. A day set aside to specifically celebrate Earth Day. It just so happens to be our 43rd birthday. Or, as we like to refer to it, our bEARTHday!

Spread the word

Earth Day isn’t just about us though. We want YOU to celebrate with us. We would love to see all the great things you’re doing for the planet and celebrate one of the world’s most beautiful places — Washington state.

We’re sharing pictures of our favorite places, the work we are doing to protect those places, and opportunities we have to engage the next generation to carry on the mission. We want to see your photos, videos, notes, poems, posts or tweets.

Tag us with @ecologywa on Twitter or Instagram. Post a note on our Facebook page and use the hasthags #earthpassiton and #whatonearthareyoudoing.

Tell your story

Here are a few questions that could help kick-start your creativity:
  • What am I doing to protect, preserve, or enhance the environment?
  • What is one of my most treasured places that I want to protect?
  • What on earth am I doing to pass on my passion for the planet to the next generation of environmental stewards?
We look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you are doing. Earth … pass it on.

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