Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Around the Sound: Rayonier Mill cleanup schedule update

Rayonier Mill Estimated Cleanup Timeline (pdf)
By Marian Abbett, Site Manager, Toxics Cleanup Program

We have revised our estimated timeline for the Rayonier Mill Study Area cleanup plan. Rayonier’s draft Interim Action Alternatives Section is now due June 30, 2014. It will describe the cleanup options that Rayonier will study in their Interim Action Alternatives Evaluation Report (Volume III).

Extension To Help Coordinate Cleanup with Restoration

Rayonier asked for the extension from January 23 to June 30 so they can better study cleanup options that include restoration. This will help them assess the feasibility, effectiveness, and cost of integrating cleanup and restoration.

Studying restoration options is part of an ongoing Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) process being conducted by the Port Angeles Harbor Trustee Council. The NRDA process is assessing damage Rayonier caused to the harbor and what will restore, replace, or acquire the equivalent of damaged natural resources.

Allowing more progress to be made on the damage assessment will help Rayonier know how much restoration will be needed. This will help them evaluate cleanup options that include restoration. Read more about the NRDA process and restoration here.
It appears we may have an opportunity to combine these two efforts – cleanup and restoration.  However, we have limited the extension to June 30, even if the NRDA assessment of Rayonier’s damages is not complete. As part of granting the extension, we have asked Rayonier to study specific cleanup and restoration options.
Estimated Timeline
The Rayonier Mill agreed order does not set calendar due dates because all of the tasks build on earlier tasks. For example, Rayonier’s agency review draft marine data report was due 90 days after they received our final sediment study reports.
We will likely hold a public comment period on the upland data report, marine data report, and alternatives evaluation report (Volume III) in spring 2015. The agreed order work will likely finish in late 2015.

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