Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stories about Getting to Clean Water: Wheel-of-Water turns heads

By Diane Dent, Water Quality Stories Lead, Water Quality Program

Visitors of all ages like to take a turn at the wheel.
Ecology’s Northwest Region Water Quality (NWRO-WQ) staff is often invited to participate in educational events. They are also asked to reach both young and older members of the public. Through all these experiences, their continuing challenge is to engage our state residents with information to which they’ll give their attention—and hopefully act on. Both children and adults need to learn new ways of accomplishing day-to-day activities in a more environmentally-friendly way. At events that provide learning opportunities, Ecology NWRO staff needed something fun and informative for both adults and kids.

These problems led them to conceptualize a “Wheel of Fortune”-type of device to engage people at events that happen around Puget Sound each summer. The idea was to have something that caught the attention of adults and children and could be transported, set up, and operated by one staff member.
  • Find out what they did with the idea, read this full story online.
  • Story written by DouGlas Palenshus, Ecology Northwest Regional Office

Telling our success stories

Water quality success stories provide a wealth of information associated with novel project designs, funding ideas, and useful resource suggestions. Some are clear successes; others supply valuable lessons to help us grow in our understanding of water quality protection and restoration. Stories illustrate successes gained from cooperation among Washington’s citizens and organizations.

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