Friday, March 1, 2013

Eyes Over Puget Sound for February 26

By Sandy Howard, Communications Manager, Environmental Assessment Program

We’ve just posted the latest aerial photos of Puget Sound surface conditions taken on Feb. 26 here.

Personal flight log

Better than a cup of coffee: Marine monitoring on the morning radio! Listen to marine flight technician Mya Keyzers discuss Eyes here.

Weather conditions

The weather has been cloudy but rivers are running below normal. Air temperatures are above normal in the extreme north and at or below normal over Puget Sound. Winds have been predominantly out of the south.

Water column and mooring

Does the 2-year pattern of colder, fresher and more oxygenated Puget Sound water persist? Possession Sound has very predictable dissolved oxygen layer at 11-16 meters.

Aerial photography

We saw many large tidal eddies. Jellyfish aggregations continue to go h3 this winter in many inlets. There is an early algae bloom in Hood Canal and Eld Inlet. We spotted multiple oil sheens in Seattle waterways.

Ferry and satellite

The Victoria Clipper IV has been moved to shipyard for annual maintenance so no data is available.

“Eyes Over Puget Sound” combines high-resolution photo observations with satellite images, en route ferry data between Seattle and Victoria BC, and measurements from our moored instruments.

Learn more about Ecology's marine water quality monitoring program and see more Eyes Over Puget Sound reports.

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