Friday, January 18, 2013

Eyes Over Puget Sound for Jan. 15

By Sandy Howard, communications manager, Environmental Assessment Program

Here are the most recent aerial photos of Puget Sound surface conditions taken on Jan. 15.

Our cover photograph this time shows the float plane sitting among a large concentration of jellyfish in Budd Inlet' Swantown Marina that winter day.

We saw a persisting pattern of colder and fresher water in Puget Sound. Jellyfish aggregations continue to persist in Budd Inlet. Debris lines are numerous and long. There were multiple oil sheens in Seattle waterways. Our sensors -- a colored dissolved organic matter sensor and en route ferry thermosalinograph -- provided an important tracer for freshwater entering Puget Sound from Whidbey Basin.

On a related note, if you live near Olympia or are passing through our neck of the woods, you’re invited to a public presentation about Eyes Over Puget Sound. It will be at 7 p.m., Wed., Feb. 6, at Olympia City Hall. It’s sponsored by the Olympia Stream Team. For information, contact the city’s Patricia Pyle at or 360-570-5841

Eyes Over Puget Sound combines high-resolution photo observations with satellite images, en route ferry data between Seattle and Victoria BC, and measurements from our moored instruments.

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