Friday, October 21, 2016

On the road to a better Ecology website

Help us improve our website!

This study has closed. Our next web usability study will be in January when we'll be testing a draft layout (wireframe) of our new site!
You may have noticed we’ve been doing a lot of testing on our website.

Ecology is three months into a year-long journey to not just improve our website, but to completely rebuild it. Our goal is to make it easier to use. That’s where YOU come in! We need to keep checking with you, our web users, to be sure we’re on the right track.

What are we testing this time?

We have a SECOND draft for a simpler web structure and we’d like to know how well it works for you. Can you take 10 minutes to help us?

We’ve come up with a rough outline of how we might organize the content on our new site. It’s still just a sketch and doesn’t include everything yet. Think of it like a map that, so far, only has the major highways penciled in.

We’re using an online tool called Treejack to help us evaluate the grouping and labeling of our content – kind of like the territories and road signs on our map. It will show us which pathways users take to find specific types of information. It’s a quick exercise and fun, too. There are no right or wrong answers — we’re just trying to see how people think about the content on our site. When you try it you can enter to win one of four $25 Amazon gift cards.

Let us help you to help us!

If you’d like to participate in trying out our proposed structure but need some assistance, please schedule an appointment to complete this same exercise verbally through our ADA coordinator, Hanna. You can reach her at (360) 407-7668.

This web usability study will run October 17 - 21.

Thank you in advance for your participation! You are helping us reach our destination, a better Ecology website!

If you have questions about our usability testing, contact Cally Whiteside, Ecology Web Team @

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