Monday, March 9, 2015

Compost – keep it clean, keep it green

By Andrew Wineke, Waste 2 Resources program

In much of Washington state, we compost our kitchen scraps and yard trimmings. Compost is both a valuable resource for farmers and it keeps all of that organic material out of the landfill. However, if you put plastic or glass in the cart with your food and yard trimmings, you contaminate the compost and ruin a good thing.

What about compostable plastics? Most curbside compost collection programs aren’t set up to process “compostable” plastics – it just takes too long to break down these materials. So, if your community has a curbside compost collection program, check with them before you chuck “compostable” plastics in the bin – or anything else that isn’t food or yard trimmings.

Check out this new educational video to learn more – and please share it with your friends! 

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