Saturday, February 21, 2015

Eyes Over Puget Sound: Our scientists love Puget Sound!

Tuesday was such a great day to fly! This month's Eyes Over Puget Sound report is full of stunning photos of blue skies over our special landscape. 

Click the image to check out the February issue.

View from the air

We soared through the sunshine hopping between monitoring stations from Olympia all the way up to sites near the Canadian border.

The air and water were warm with sunshine and dry weather across the Puget Sound. As a result, we could see the first signs of growing phytoplankton coloring the waters green in areas.

We spotted patches of jellyfish wintering in finger inlets of South Sound. The scenery was stunning as tidal fronts and suspended sediment played dynamically against the beauty of the San Juan Islands.

We ♥ Puget Sound

February's flight really highlighted all the reasons we love Puget Sound. With all of it's wondrous marine life, charismatic marine mammals, spectacular islands and hidden coves, and people that really care, what's not to love?

Visit the report to see photos of all the things we love most about Puget Sound.

What's Eyes Over Puget Sound?

Eyes Over Puget Sound combines high-resolution photo observations with satellite images, ferry data from travel between Seattle and Victoria BC, and measurements from our moored instruments. We use a seaplane to travel between our monitoring stations because they are so far apart.

On each flight we take photos of Puget Sound water conditions and turn those out, along with data from our stations, in the monthly Eyes Over Puget Sound report.

Learn more and see other issues on our website.

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