Thursday, January 8, 2015

Around the Sound: Digging out the muck at Everett Shipyard

By Seth Preston, communications manager, Toxics Cleanup Program

The Port of Everett continues to dredge out contaminated sediments from the water at the old Everett Shipyard.

Dredging at Everett Shipyard in December 2014.
It's one of our program's Puget Sound Initiative sites in and around Everett's Port Gardner Bay. You can find out more about the Everett Shipyard and what the port is doing to clean up and redevelopment by checking out this port publication. (See pages 6 and 7.)

You can also view a pair of Flickr albums with a mix of historical and more recent photographs.

You're going to be reading a lot of news about our Everett work in 2015. A number of cleanup projects are advancing, and we may be holding up to eight comment periods about various sites during the year.

Stay tuned.

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