Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Putting our best face forward – we’re going to improve our website!

by Cally Whiteside, web designer, Communication & Education

Help us improve!

If you're interested in sharing feedback on your experiences with our website, please take our survey here.
When you look at Ecology, what do you see? Chances are you see our website.

On any given day, our website gets over 15,000 visits. That quickly adds up to over half a million visits in a month! Imagine if we had that many people coming through our front door. What would we do differently?

We want to know: Who’s visiting our site? Are you finding what you need? What do you need? Are you satisfied when you’re done? We’re going to find out by asking.

Usability study of our website

We’ve begun the process of evaluating our public-facing website with User Centered Design (UCD). The UCD process reveals what works well, what doesn’t and show’s how a website can be improved.

Who uses our site?

We already have a good idea of how our web serves our visitors. We know what pages are most visited and what words and phrases are searched on. We also collect feedback comments from visitors using Survey monkey. But we need a better understanding of our web visitors needs.

Tell us what you do!

Today we’re launching an extended survey to learn more. The online survey can be accessed from the “Help us improve” link that’s visible on most of our web pages. The information we gather will help us develop a accurate testing plan and to recruit actual users to participate in our baseline study.

You can learn more about user centered design at

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