Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shoreline Programs hit the century mark!

By Brook Beeler, communication manager, Eastern Region

Millwood's approved plan makes 100

With more than 28,000 miles of shorelines in Washington, there is a lot of work to do in order to adequately protect this important natural resource so crucial to the state’s economy and our personal enjoyment. But there is good news. The city of Millwood in Spokane County has the honor of receiving our 100th Shoreline Master Program approval!

Local governments and communities are making real progress. Shoreline programs allow us to plan for our use of shorelines while preserving what we value, and protecting lives and property.

Millwood’s plan covers just under two of the 28,000 miles in our shoreline tally. But even these miles of the Spokane River are as important to manage as every mile of Puget Sound, Moses Lake, or the Yakima River.

“Millwood and its citizens thoughtfully considered their shoreline needs,” said Shoreline Planner Jaime Short. “The local Citizens Advisory group, Planning Commission members, and City Council all dove headfirst into the weighty issues of public access, environmental protection, and redevelopment along their shorelines during the planning process.”

“The time and energy they devoted to these issues was commendable and a shining example of what public participation can look like – regardless of how many shoreline miles you are planning for.”

The dynamic nature of shorelines draws us to the water’s edge. Everybody gains from having good, safe access to the shorelines. It’s where we go on a hot day, fish, hunt, gather shellfish, walk, and just enjoy nature.

Thanks Washington for ensuring our children and future generations have the beaches, shorelines, and waterways we love so much today.

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