Monday, November 18, 2013

Network maintenance will affect Ecology online applications (Nov. 22-24)

Ecology Notification

Maintenance work is planned for Friday, November 22 at 5:00 PM through Sunday, November 24. During this time many of Ecology's online applications will be unavailable.

Applications that will not be available include:
  • Areawide Remediation Environmental Information System (AREIS)
  • Children's Safe Product Act (CSPA) Reports
  • Cleanup Site Search
  • Cleanup Levels and Risk Calculations (CLARC)
  • Coastal Atlas
  • Columbia River Water Resources Explorer
  • Environmental Permit Handbook
  • Facility/Site Identification (F/SID) System
  • Fertilizer Database (Wastes in Commercial Fertilizers)
  • Grade Level Expectations (GLE) Correlations to Environmental Education Resources
  • Hazardous Waste Services Directory
  • Industrial Permits
  • Integrated Site Information System (ISIS)
  • Laboratory Accreditation
  • Polluted Waters - 303(d) Listing
  • Public Involvement Calendar
  • Publications and Forms
  • Recycling (1-800-RECYCLE)
  • Shoreline Aerial Photos
  • Smelter Search
  • Solid Waste Information Clearinghouse
  • Staff directory annd subject referral look up tools
  • Thermal stream surveys
  • Water Quality Permit Databases
  • Water Resources Explorer
  • Well Construction and Licensing System (WCLS)
  • Well Logs look-up
While the applications are down, you will see a server error message instead of getting access to the tool.

For more information about these online applications, see Ecology's Databases.

The Ecology website will not be affected.

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Brianna Ely said...


A few months ago, a group and I went to a stream to test test the affect of pH levels on Macro inveretebrate populations. We tested throughout the stream in five places, three trials each time and found the pH level always came to about 6.0 as the average. This had no visible affect on the invertebrates but I'm sure if we had varied results of pH levels, we could have seen some real results.