Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fecal Matters: Water Recreation Safety Tips During Wet Weather!

BEACH Program Update

In Washington State, all good, nice, dry weather must come to an end. For those of you planning to hit the beach for one last dip, just remember a few health and safety tips!

Heavy rains typically raise the amount of bacteria in water bodies. The BEACH Program advises to avoid water contact 48-hours after a rain event.

When heavy rains hit the Pacific Northwest, the BEACH Program receives many calls about sewage spills, combined sewer overflows, and problems at wastewater treatment plants. This weather can put a damper on outdoor fun, and it also overwhelms our wastewater treatment systems.

Keep in mind that some sewage spills, and combined sewer overflows aren’t reported soon enough to warn people, so be careful in areas that may be affected. Stay safe and dry!

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