Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Garden Talk: Garden Celebration sparks new interest in Ecology’s garden

Staff volunteer musicians. From the left:
 Laurie Morgan, Josh Grice, Gary Koshi, Diana Olegre, Greg Pelletier
by Marisol Novak, Food Bank Garden coordinator

What started off as a grey morning, turned into the perfect sunny day for a Garden Celebration at the Lacey headquarters Food Bank Garden. The sun perked up right around noon, allowing guests to mingle underneath the large tents, enjoying delectable treats and live music. The Department of Ecology’s Sustainability Team sponsors the Food Bank garden. Team members volunteered to bring in snacks and set up the lunchtime event with the help of additional staff and the garden team.

The Food Bank Garden is run primarily on donations and volunteers. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the large contribution of vegetables produced each season as well as allow Ecology staff members to tour the garden and spark conversation.

In addition to food and music, Michelle Andrews, Ecology employee and master composter, chatted with guests about composting tips. Heather Sundean represented the Thurston County Food Bank and discussed the connection between the department’s organic garden and the clients served at the Food Bank.

All in all, there was great turnout of guests at the Garden Celebration, creating a fun and energetic lunch hour. A big thanks to all the volunteers, guests and musicians for a wonderful afternoon!

Department of Ecology's Garden Celebration

Michelle Andrews offering composting tips to guests.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that this was a wonderful article! Extremely informative, it makes me want to come down and spend more time in this beautiful garden. Whoever is running this fertile patch of land should receive a huge raise!

Kyle a true fan of your work.