Thursday, October 25, 2012

“Ecology for Scientists" website serves niche audience

By Sandy Howard, communication manager, Environmental Assessment Program

We’ve got a new online presence that shows off Ecology’s most current environmental studies and reports, as well as new, related information.

We call it Ecology for Scientists.

We hope this web resource helps scientists tap into our state’s growing body of environmental knowledge.

Visit Ecology for Scientists to find links to our databases, as well as links to recently released studies, reports, journal articles, and posters we’ve shared at conferences.

You’ll also find links to new reports we think you’ll find of interest. For example, the site now has links to information about the Environmental Protection Agency’s new Lower Yakima Valley Groundwater Report. We also link to the state’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification website.

Other links found at Ecology for Scientists: Ecology’s Environmental Assessment Program produces the website and updates it bimonthly. This program helps Ecology measure and assess environmental conditions in Washington state. If you have questions about any of the website’s content or have ideas to make it better, you can email me at

Find Ecology for Scientists in the left column of Ecology’s home page.

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