Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fecal Matters: Has this brutal Washington heat wave got your swimsuit in a bunch?

BEACH Program Update

If so, hit the beach but stay healthy!
Avoid swimming related illness by keeping diapered kids out of the water and dispose used diapers in the trash.

Kids love to play in those cool streams that flow down to the beach, keep them out! Small streams and creeks often carry bacteria from upland sources down to the beach.

Remember that warmer water + crowded swimming areas can = high bacteria in the water.

Headed to a saltwater beach? The BEACH Program has you covered. Check coastal atlas for current swimming advisories or to find a beach!

Stay updated about water quality at your beaches by keeping up with us on our blog Fecal Matters, on Facebook, or join our listserv.

Julie Lowe is the BEACH Program Manager and can be reached at

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