Friday, July 13, 2012

Fecal Matters: Swimming Advisory at Little Squalicum Park in Bellingham, WA

BEACH Program Update

On July 12, 2012, the Whatcom County Health Department issued a swimming advisory at Little Squalicum Park in Bellingham, WA. The advisory was issued due to elevated bacteria results in water samples collected at the beach.

Contact with fecal contaminated waters can result in gastroenteritis, skin rashes, upper respiratory infections and other illnesses. Children and the elderly may be more vulnerable to waterborne illnesses.

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Cristina Cassidy said...

Approximately one month ago 6/12, there was a strong odor of raw sewage at the Marine Drive overpass and Bay to Baker trail, at Little Squalicum Beach. The most concentrated area of odor was just south of the overpass around the homes on the north/west corner of Little Squalicum Beach. The beach is now closed due to high bacteria levels associated with fecal matter. Please verify those sewage areas have been inspected.

Julie Lowe Ecology said...

Thanks Cristina for your comment! I will send this information to the Whatcom County Health Department for follow up. The Health Department is the lead agency to follow up on these types of issues.