Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cleaning Up: Final cleanup starting at B&L Woodwaste site

By Michael Bergman, Public Involvement Coordinator, Toxics Cleanup Program

Now that dry summer weather is here, construction is beginning again at the B&L Woodwaste cleanup site in Pierce County near the border of Milton and Fife.

The B&L Woodwaste landfill received wood waste that was contaminated with soil and Asarco slag (a byproduct of smelting operations). The Asarco slag leached arsenic into soil and groundwater. Arsenic has also been found in ditches surrounding the landfill and wetland area.

Construction will start around Aug. 1 and continue through to mid-October this year. A cleanup contractor is completing construction of a building and treatment system to remove contamination from groundwater. The contractor will test the technology used to treat this groundwater and if tests are satisfactory, full-time operation of the system will begin.

In addition, during the summer’s low-water window a contractor will excavate arsenic-contaminated soils from drainage ditches that surround the site on three sides.

The B&L Woodwaste webpage has more information about the site.

Area residents and people who use the Interurban Trail between Fife Way and I-5 may notice some work noise, a small amount of dust, and a small increase in cleanup-related activity (workers and light vehicles) during construction.

Interurban Trail will be open during most of the construction and a fence will prevent access to the landfill itself, where most of the work is being done. No trail closures are planned at this time, but if closures are needed we will post announcements on this blog.

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