Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eyes Over Puget Sound - Aerial photos from Jan. 30, 2012

By Sandy Howard, communication manager, Environmental Assessment Program

Eyes Over Puget SoundThe Department of Ecology's Marine Monitoring Unit conducts a variety of marine observations, including monthly sampling at 40 core monitoring stations. We use a floatplane to cover our widely distributed station network. We take photos of Puget Sound water conditions during a routine transit flight between the Kenmore base and Olympia.

“Eyes Over Puget Sound” is the result, and an example of how we are optimizing our resources to monitor Puget Sound. “Eyes Over Puget Sound” combines high-resolution photo observations with satellite images, en route ferry data between Seattle and Victoria BC, and measurements from our moored instruments.

Surface conditions from January 30, 2012 are now available online at:

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