Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Changing Climate: Walking our talk

By Seth Preston, Communications Manager, Air Quality Program

In late 2009, Gov. Chris Gregoire challenged Ecology to take the lead in finding ways that state agencies, businesses and individuals could reduce their climate-changing emissions.

In response, Ecology launched a “Carbon Smart” initiative. We define being “Carbon Smart” as making choices that:
  • Reduce climate-changing emissions.

  • Save money.

  • Cut back on energy use.

  • Protect the environment.

  • Improve the ways we operate our public agencies, businesses and homes.

Ecology Director Ted Sturdevant put it this way: “To protect our quality of life, we have to find new approaches that let us live our lives and do our work while emitting less carbon. It makes sense for the state’s environmental agency to help find those solutions — especially those that also save money — and share what we learn with others.”

Our “Carbon Smart” web page provides a rundown on some of the things Ecology is doing and plans to do to reduce emissions. We also detail what others are doing and what you can do.

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