Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Changing Climate: Mapping Climate Change

By Seth Preston, Communications Manager, Air Quality Program

A friend sent a link to an interesting website, Climate Hot Map, offered by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

It includes a clickable map that shows how climate change is impacting and could impact places all over the world, including in Washington. (The photo, which is not on the website, shows the receding South Cascade Glacier in Washington's Cascade Mountains.)

The site also provides a lot of information on climate impacts on people and different aspects of the environment.

My friend wrote: “Especially under the People icon, you can see issues related to human health, food, water use and economic costs (just the stuff most people care about, quite a lot in the USA). Also other icons you can check are water (too much, too little), oceans (sea level, acidity, ice), ecosystems and temperatures (air, ocean, water, ground).”

Check it out and see what you find.

In Washington, one of the impacts that poses concerns is rising sea levels and tides. Here’s a recent KPLU report that explores the subject.

We’ve posted earlier items on ECOconnect on high tides in Washington, also known as “king tides.” Check out the photos submitted to Ecology from Washingtonians around the state.

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