Friday, August 5, 2011

Fecal Matters: Beach Closure at Hartstene Pointe in Mason County

BEACH Program Update

The Mason County Health Department and the Hartstene Pointe Homeowners Association closed the private community beach of Hartstene Pointe today. The County received notification of a sewage spill near the swimming beach.

Contact with fecal contaminated waters can result in gastroenteritis, skin rashes, upper respiratory infections and other illnesses. Children and the elderly may be more vulnerable to waterborne illnesses.

Stay updated about water quality at your beaches by keeping up with us on our blog Fecal Matters, on Facebook, or join our listserv. Julie Lowe is the BEACH Program Manager and is available at 360-407-6543 or for questions.


hartlover said...

Great response by the new operator and manager for the wastewater treatment plant. It's good to see someone their that cares. There has been too many problems there in the past, before the new management, that have never been reported. Thanks again Sewer Board.

Unknown said...

The new operator and manager did a great job in getting the word out and getting the beach closed. It is great to see that there is finally someone at the sewage plant that cares about the community. I know there has been a number of things go on at the plant the was never properly reported. So it is good to see someone there that cares. THanks Sewer board.