Friday, August 13, 2010

Fecal Matters: Update on earlier high bacteria results

BEACH Program Update

Further sampling at the five beaches showed normal fecal bacteria levels. The beaches will remain open to swimming. Four beaches in Kitsap County and one Snohomish County beach had elevated fecal bacteria results at the beginning of the week. The high results were most likely due to rain after the long dry period. Runoff washes everything down to our waterways, increasing you chance of getting sick if you play in the water. The BEACH Program recommends avoiding water contact 48 hours after rainfall.

Visit the BEACH web site to find the latest results for this and other saltwater beaches:

While these beaches are staying open to swimming there are still several beaches in WA closed or posted with an advisory. Visit the BEACH Map to see the current status of our beaches.

Jessica Bennett is the BEACH Program Data Manager. She is available at 360-236-3060 or for questions.

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