Monday, July 19, 2010

Air Time: Monday news roundup

By Seth Preston, Communications Manager, Air Quality Program

Let’s start off the week with some recent news articles that relate to air quality in Washington.
  • First, this Peninsula Daily News article details the launch of equipment that will monitor the increasing acidification of the ocean and other marine waters, including Puget Sound. The ocean is believed to be absorbing increasing amounts of carbon dioxide from the air.

  • This story focuses on a pretty hefty penalty that EPA levied against the City of Tacoma for violating the federal Clean Air Act. The city improperly released gases during the disposal of refrigerated appliances.

    And this follow-up article takes a more detailed look at how it happened.

  • The Bellingham Herald offers this piece on BP’s plans to install new equipment at its refinery at Cherry Point near Ferndale in Whatcom County. The equipment will allow the production of fuel that contains less sulfur, which will mean cleaner-burning fuel for boats and off-road machines.

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