Friday, May 21, 2010

Air Time: Governor supports President's call for more pollution cuts for vehicles

By Seth Preston, Communications Manager, Air Quality Program

Gov. Chris Gregoire just released a statement lauding President Obama’s call to expand auto emission standards for cars and trucks, and develop new standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

She praises the President’s “bold step” and points out that Washington has been at the forefront of the states pressing for tougher standards.
(Read the entire statement).

In other air quality news:
  • Ecology and EPA have come up with a solution to an obstacle that was blocking Longview Fibre’s request for a variance to its permit for operating a furnace at its Longview plant.

    Here’s an Ecology news release about the public comment period for the request.

    Longview Fibre asked Ecology for permission to operate a furnace above current limits for one year while promising to keep emissions at or below permitted levels. The furnace generates steam for the mill.

    Longview Fibre would temporarily shut down an older, less-efficient furnace and reduce overall sulfur emissions. The mill also could measure the effectiveness of its pollution control technology on the furnace that would be operating at higher output.

    While state rules allow Ecology to grant such a variance, the authority delegation agreement between the EPA and Ecology doesn’t. We’ve worked it out.

  • Our friends at DNR offer tips on how to prevent wildfires if you take to the outdoors for the coming Memorial Day weekend.

    We’re working with DNR to protect property and human health from wildfires. Fine particles in smoke from wildfires pose risks to people who breathe them.

  • Here’s a new look at an old idea – burning garbage to produce power.

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