Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day and Ecology Turn 40!

As Earth Day prepares to celebrate its 40th birthday this year it is important to note that “green” is the new black. It has never been so easy to be “green”. Whether you are an individual, business, school, or government we can connect you with resources you need to become a green leader in Washington.

Here at Ecology we have been striving to integrate environmentally friendly practices in our everyday work. Thanks to our Sustainability Team you can find our eco-actions such as composting, environmentally preferred purchasing, green building and more here.

These eco-actions are no small task, but for this year’s 40th Earth Day Ecology has decided to step it up a notch. You see, Ecology is also turning 40. Now that we are entering our 40’s we have decided that a lower-carbon diet is the best way to healthier Washington. Our agency will be setting the example for a carbon-neutral government.

Rest assured we haven’t been slacking all these years. Ecology is already in the forefront of reducing the state’s carbon footprint.
· We’ve long made it a priority to operate energy-efficient buildings.
· We’ve been early users of hybrid vehicles and reduced our fuel consumption.
· We’ve linked our field offices and headquarters buildings with video conferencing that reduces travel costs and road time.
· We’re one of two agencies (Department of Transportation is the other) that report our carbon emissions to the Climate Registry.

Now, we’re taking the next steps, finding new opportunities to reduce costs and our carbon footprint. We will learn more about what works, and what doesn’t. We’ll take a hard look at how we care for our facilities, our energy use, and how we move around. What we learn, we will share with other public agencies, businesses, and homeowners so they, too, can be part of the solution.

Join us in lowering your carbon diet and celebrating 40 years of environmental awareness and action.

Tell us what you are doing to commemorate 40 years of Earth Day. Is your community, family, or workplace hosting a celebration?
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Watch our Director's message on our EcologyWA YouTube Channel.
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