Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Enhanced Resources on Ecology’s Green Building Web Site

Low VOC paints and sealants inside a strawbale home in Spokane, WA

Low VOC paints and sealants inside a strawbale home in Spokane, WA.

On top of a construction and demolition landfill.

The Green Building Group at the Department of Ecology offers technical assistance and educational resources to Washington residents and businesses interested in green building strategies. Sustainable, or green, building isn’t a new idea, but the movement has experienced unprecedented growth and development in recent years.

More and more people have been ”connecting the dots” between the toxic materials used in construction and indoor air quality, between a large home garbage bin and rising mountains of waste, and between costly utility bills and poor home insulation. More and more people are now trying to incorporate green features in their construction, demolition and remodeling projects to do their part in reducing the environmental and health impacts.

In response to the growing interest and questions, we have re-developed our green building Web site. We’ve streamlined the site’s navigation, making it user-friendly, and enhanced it with new, up-to-date information and resources. We hope that it now provides the tools that the Washington residents need to take action.

The updated Green Building Web site features the following sections:

Green Building Basics - Components of a green building; green building statistics in Washington State.

Certification and Regulations - Green building and product certification programs; Washington State Law on High Performance Buildings.

Case Studies - Links to residential and commercial case study databases.

Homeowner Resources - Homeowner incentives; brochures on elements of a green remodel.

Builder Resources - Educational resources, incentives available to builders, and appraisal information.

Alternatives to Waste - How to avoid and reduce waste generated by construction, demolition, and remodel projects.

Ecology Assistance - Ecology services: eco-charrette facilitation, grants, environmentally preferred purchasing, assistance to local governments, interagency cooperation, and some Washington green building organizations.

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