Friday, May 22, 2009

A blog from Ecology? What's up with that?

You may be wondering, why is Ecology starting this blog site, anyway? Answer: It’s about enriching our relationship with you, the public.

Historically, folks have known Ecology as mainly a regulatory and technical agency. And those same tasks – coordinating hazardous site cleanups, issuing permits, making inspections – are going to continue. However, we are now in an era when the problem of pollution is no longer just about big industry and belching smokestacks.

The fact is that most of the pollution comes from you and me – all six million-plus of us in this state. The widespread environmental problems we face today require a new approach. That’s why Ecology wants to work with you for a better Washington.

We need your help, and want to have a meaningful conversation with you to hear your thoughts and ideas. So, we hope you'll join us in this dialogue and together, we'll learn from each other and discover ways we can all do our part to protect and sustain Washington's environment and quality of life.


Evergreen Republican said...

Where is your blog RSS/Atom feeds? Please turn these on. Don't force people to actually come to your blog to read your blog. That's bad Netiquette.

WA Department of Ecology said...

Thank you for your interest! We temporarily disabled the RSS feed as we tested our new blog site. It is now back on and should be functioning properly.